SFSS Providing  Inspection, Hydraulic testing & certification of pressure vessels (LPG, Ammonia, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon)

Inspection of mobile tanks (road tankers) & pipe lines safety relief valves, excess flow valves testing, maximum credible loss scenario analysis, inspection of the pressure vessels under fabrication Inspection, testing & certification of lifting tools & tackles under Factories Act.
Inspection of cranes – Hydraulic / Crawler / Gantry / Fixed.

Pressure Vessels

a.    Compressed Air Receivers
b.    Ammonia Receivers
c.    Mini Boilers

Lifting Machines

a.    Chain Pulley Blocks, Shackles , Wire ropes , SLings
b.    Monorail  / Gantry Cranes
c.    Goods & Passenger Lifts & Hoists
d.    Jacks  / Platforms
e.    Winches / Baskets / Jhula
d.    Hydraulic / Crawler / Tower Cranes
f.     Rigs / Earth Movers

Dangerous Machines 

a.    Power / Hydraulic / Pneumatic presses
b.    Shears, Slitters / polishers / Guillotine Machines
c.    Generators / Boilers and Ovens